After School Options



Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays

End of school day until 6p

Tinkering School® is an educational program created by Gever Tulley at Brightworks in California. Tinkering School operates from a few basic assumptions:

Kids are more capable than they know. The use of real tools to tackle real problems creates a unique atmosphere of trust and responsibility. From six-year-olds to high schoolers, we empower our tinkerers with tools, autonomy and space. Big responsibilities build competency and leave lasting memories.

The freedom to fail is essential. Every project has setbacks and often ours happen to be spectacular. If it goes right the first time, you’re just learning how to follow instructions. A failure-positive atmosphere allows children to play in the face of adversity.

Tinkering after school is designed to be a problem-solving experience lab and wonderland for students ages 6-14 held at the Brooklyn Apple Academy. Students consistently try new things with access to a wood shop, kitchen, library, and musical instruments, as well as sewing, crafting, painting, and printmaking materials.


Students will have the opportunity to work independently or to collaborate on self-directed and teacher-prescribed challenges. Emphasizing innovation, research, rule-bending, and game-changing, students will rise to challenges they find exciting, personally inspiring and sometimes impossible! Tinkering encourages camaraderie, teaching, listening, failure and leadership across boundaries of age, experience and ability. Every week is different and each session is new.

The program starts at the end of the school day and goes to 6pm. Hours are can be customized to meet your needs. 1,2 and 3 day options available


Radio and Broadcasting Club


3 - 4:15p


Voice of the Children Zine


End of School until 4:30p

Voice of the Children promotes and facilitates activities that advocate young people's civil rights and autonomy. We believe that children should have significant decision-making power over all aspects of their own lives to improve their growth into competent and empathetic individuals who are agents of constructive change.


It is our belief at Voice of the Children that self-management and the ability to lead and delegate are vital skills that need to be practiced and honed; therefore, we provide rare opportunities for young people to do so, in a supportive environment.


In this workshop young artists, poets, and writers have the opportunity to develop, print and disseminate their ideas on a variety of topics, using linoleum and woodcut prints and our very own letterpress. We then reproduce hand-printed copies of our zine, bind them, and find ways to sell them to the public. From craft to business, this course empowers children’s voices.


By intentionally slowing down the printing process, young people have opportunities to discover, articulate, and reflect on what is important to them while learning a hands-on expressive technology that preceded the digital age. Voice of the Children was originally a hand-printed zine produced by the children of the Stelton Modern School from 1921-1941, which we have revived with permission from the Trustees of Friends of the Modern School.


Magic The Gathering Club


3:15 - 5:45p


Indian Dance

Thursday Afternoons