We're excited to offer many weeks of Brooklyn Apple Camp this summer!

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Explorers Club Camp NYC

Ages 6 - 10


June 24th-28th, July 8th-12th, July 22nd-26th, August 5th-9th, August 26th-30th

We'll be visiting a few of BAA's all-time favorite destinations such as: Croton Dam, Governors Island, Museum of the Moving Image, Liberty Science Center, Bottle beach.

We will be geocaching, journaling, orienteering, and finding our way through the best fun the Tri-state area has to offer. The hours are from 9:00 am -3:00 pm.  We will be taking public transportation most days. Pick-up and drop-off will be at Borough Hall, in Brooklyn.

Students should bring packed lunches.


Theater & Puppetry Camp

Amy Carrigan, the Brooklyn Apple Academy Crab Apples (preschool) leader and puppeteer at Drama of Works, will lead a week-long camp of puppetry and theater activities. Activities include theater games, character creation, script writing, puppetry technique and making, (shadow, hand, rod, found object), and practicing and performing our own short works.

Ages: 5 - 10 (inquire for other ages)
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Dates: July 8 - 12
Location: Brooklyn Apple Academy, 545 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Cost: Weekly: $450, Drop-In: $100/day. Please contact us for information on financial aid.

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Tinkering Camp

Ages 5 - 13

SIGN UP BY WEEK:  Houses/Structures (Animal, Doll, Castles) June 17th-21st, Game Design/Cardboard Arcade June 24th-28th, Junk Club - July 15th-19th, Game Design - 8/26-30th

Tinkering School® is an educational program created by Gever Tulley at Brightworks in California. Tinkering Camp is designed to be a problem-solving experience lab and wonderland for students of all ages held at the Brooklyn Apple Academy. Students consistently try new things with access to a wood shop, kitchen, library, and musical instruments, as well as sewing, crafting, painting, and printmaking materials. Each day will consist of a morning field trip to Prospect Park, Central Library, Pier 6 or The Brooklyn Museum, followed by lunch, a mystery challenge, and open tinker time in the afternoon.


Film Making Camp

Ages: 5 - 7 years old (younger group), 8 - 12 years old (older group)

Inspired by our student-led Brooklyn Apple TV YouTube channel, we've decided to keep the filmmaking fun going this summer. Interested in silly or serious acting or directing? Or perhaps you want to try out animation or writing a script or music? Come join us for a fun filled week where we'll make just about any movie you can image! Our ten year old Director and twelve year old Editor (who came up with the idea for this camp) will be on-site helping lead the way to us at the Oscars next year! Please note: the two age groups will be spending a good deal of time together but will each have a focused counselor working on the needs of those age groups.
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Dates: July 29 - August 2
Location: Brooklyn Apple Academy, 545 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Cost: Weekly: $450, Drop-In: $100/day

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Dungeons & Dragons Camp

July 22nd-26th Ages 8-13


We will be playing a week long Dungeons & Dragons campaign! D&D is a great way of exploring your imagination, learning to cooperate, studying mythology and fantasy worlds, and spending a great time with others. We'll help create characters (or bring your own) and will be going on adventures. This camp is open to both beginners and experienced players.



August 12 - 16, Ages 7-13


We're heading to the woods for a five day, four night cabin camping trip in Harriman State Park, about an hour north of NYC by train. We'll be staying on the shore of Lake Sebago in the NY State Park cabins. Harriman State Park has miles of of really nice trails to hike, as well as fishing, boating, and camp fire cooking to be done. There will be five adults and fifteen children in three cabins. We'll have access to a car and there is electricity and refrigerators in the cabins, for a nice balance of wilderness with some of the comforts of modern life.


Game Design Camp

August 5 - 9, Ages 7-12


Your kids will build and play their own games in a collaborative game design lab. We’ll start off the week by playing and analyzing existing board games, role playing games, and outdoor playground games of their choosing. Then we will build our own games using our imagination, collaborative problem-solving, and tinkering in our wood shop. We’ll also have access to the 3D printer for making our own figures and a letterpress for printing our own cards and tokens. If your child likes to build and play and use their imagination, they will love spending this week of camp with us.



TOY Design Camp

Sign up: July 1st-5th, August 12 - 16, Ages 6-12

We’ll be working on toy designs by either creating drawing or drafts of our ideas and then searching for the right parts in the workshop, or by scavenging the workshop first for pieces that have potential to become great parts and put them together.  We'll also have access to a 3D Printer and 3D Pen to create some of these components and then add the finishing touches to form unique toys. For certain vehicles it may be possible to incorporate moving parts as well.

Comic Books, Zines And Graphic Storytelling

August 19 - 23rd , Ages 7-11


We will take an idea for a story, quote, joke, poem, zine, etc...that you think of and tell it in graphic form. From story(idea) development and character design to making a script that you will turn into penciled panels and pages to ink and color after wards. Don’t forget we will also need to work on a cover page to complete the look of our finished first issue.


Run A Luncheonette Camp (FULL)

July 22 - 26, Ages 7-13


We have access to a real New York City gem--The Sunview Luncheonette.  The Sunview is a former diner turned venue for arts, community and food.  We have the use of the luncheonette for the whole week--to cook in, eat in, and use as our clubhouse.  On Friday we will open our doors to serve a prix-fixe meal to parents, friends, and Sunview members.