Individual classes for Fall, 2017


art with mr miles

Mondays 9 - 9:45a

Ages 8 - 14

We will explore materials and techniques from drawing and painting to mixed media collage, papier mache,  and graffiti-lettering! 

Students are given the majority of class time to enjoy the studio experience, explore the feel of materials, and play with their inner creativity.

Class is full; contact us to be placed on the waitlist


Drumming and movement

Mondays 11:45a - 12:30p

Ages 8-14

Drumming and movement with Gabriel

Class is full; contact us to be placed on the waitlist


Dungeons and Dragons club

Tuesdays 9:45 - 11:30a

Wednesdays 9:45 - 11:30a


Interdisciplinary Science Exploration

Mondays 10 - 10:45a

Ages 8 -14

In this course, students will explore the Scientific Method and Engineering Design Process through easily accessible, hands-on STEM experiments and activities. Students will improve their interdisciplinary math and science abilities and problem solving abilities while participating in fun, collaborative projects and games. 

Class is full; contact us to be placed on the waitlist



Mondays 12:30 - 1:30p

Ages 8 - 14

Cooking with Noah and Jessica

Class is full; contact us to be placed on the waitlist


Biochemistry Literacy for Kids

Fridays 10 - 11a

Ages 8-11

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids is a unique enrichment program dedicated to providing young students with the opportunity to learn authentic college-level science. Founded by a Yale-educated husband and wife team of chemistry professors, this project utilizes innovative and kid-friendly teaching methods and custom-designed digital tools to make advanced concepts in science accessible and rewarding to young learners. 



Mondays 11 -11:45a

Ages 8 - 14

Spanish with Gabriel 

Class is full; contact us to be placed on the waitlist



Mondays 1:30 - 2:30p

Printmaking with Alex


open shop

Mondays 1 - 3p

Open woodshop with Prem


Hands In, Gluten Out: Kids Get Cooking For The Holidays!

Nov 5, 12 and 19 only

Ages 7 - 10

Learn how to create delicious, gluten-free seasonal Autumn dishes to share for Thanksgiving.  In addition to learning basic skills and techniques for gluten-free cooking, the class will focus on learning to taste, adjust and adapt recipes to please your own palate and express your creativity!

After School



Mondays 3 - 6p

Tuesdays 3 - 6p

Wednesdays 3 - 6p

Ages 6 - 14

Tinkering after school is designed to be a problem-solving experience lab and wonderland for students ages 6-14 held at the Brooklyn Apple Academy. Students consistently try new things with access to a wood shop, kitchen, library, and musical instruments, as well as sewing, crafting, painting, and printmaking materials.

Students will have the opportunity to work independently or to collaborate on self-directed and teacher-prescribed challenges. Emphasizing innovation, research, rule-bending, and game-changing, students will rise to challenges they find exciting, personally inspiring and sometimes impossible!

Every week is different and each session is new. The program starts at the end of the school day and goes to 6pm. Hours are can be customized to meet your needs.


radio and broadcasting club

Tuesdays 3 - 4:15p


Indian Dance

Thursday afternoons


voice of the children zine

Wednesdays 3 - 4:30p

In this workshop young artists, poets, and writers have the opportunity to develop, print and disseminate their ideas on a variety of topics, using linoleum and woodcut prints and our very own letterpress. We then reproduce hand-printed copies of our zine, bind them, and find ways to sell them to the public. From craft to business, this course empowers children’s voices.


Magic the Gathering Club

Thursdays 3:15 - 5:45



Indian Dance



Fashion Class