Class Descriptions:


Wood-shop with Aaron Dilts 3-5pm

Musical instrument class - for ages 7-10

Students will construct three different types of musical instruments - a drum, a xylophone, and a flute - and will learn the basic physical principles governing the production of sound and pitch, by both these and other instruments. This class is a good introduction for those with no prior woodworking experience, and will cover shop safety, the use of hand and power tools, the planning of projects, as well as elements of physics and musicology.

Aaron Dilts is a professional handyman and tinkerer.  He has worked in near every medium and method, and is currently helping to restore tall ships at the South Street Seaport. 

14 Weeks

$490 + $45 materials fee


Brooklyn Strategist- In School Program

Our kids' programs focus on instruction, developing strategies for game play and having fun! Kids learn how to think 'moves ahead,' anticipating an opponent's reaction and developing good sportsmanship.

Fall Session September 15 - Tuesday, December 25 10:30 - 11:30 14 Weeks $290 (10% sibling discount)

Open Shop with Prem Makeig: 3-5pm

The Brooklyn Apple shop is open to children to work with a parent. (No drop off yet on Tuesdays)  Use our collection of woodshop hand tools, and learn to use 3D Printers and a CNC machine with Prem Makeig, professional industrial designer.   
Donation based session.  $5-20 recommended.  reserve a spot on any particular Tuesday by e-mailing:   

Prem Makeig is an industrial designer, artist, and education activist, with years of tinkering experience. 


Jiu Jitsu with Berit 10:30-11:30

all ages.

Berit Anderson, a black belt in GojuRyu Karate and a senior Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu will be teaching a weekly Jiujitsu Class on Thursdays at 10:30.  She has taught at the renowned Renzo Gracie Academy in New York City and is the owner of Jiujitsu People, in Brooklyn Heights.

Berit began teaching her son, Oscar, Jiujitsu when he was three years old to help him learn how to fall without hurting himself, as his multiple head injuries had become a concern.  After his first class, his crazy falls seemed to stop and he had learned how to break fall without injury when he did forget not to jump from the top of tall objects.

Jiujitsu is primarily floor wrestling, and is an excellent way for kids to get exercise on a cold day.  It emphasizes strength, flexibility and agility.  Jiujitsu is an ambidextrous activity, much like juggling.  Often called chess for the human body,  there are patterns and strategies that encourage practitioners to prioritize rational behavior under extreme pressure, while still being open to intuitive insights.

The class will be following the Gracie Bully-Proof methodology.

13 classes.  $260 Thursdays 9/17-12/17

Brooklyn Strategist: Mind Masters (2nd & 3rd Graders) Club
This problem-solving series is for children that demonstrate an affinity for strategic thinking. We cover a wide range of game categories (ancient strategy, classic and modern card games, word and trivia games, sporting games) while progressively exploring deeper strategy elements and multidimensional thinking. As always, participants will also focus on issues of ‘good sportsmanship’ while simultaneously trying to outwit and out strategize their opponents. Game List may include: Go, Chess, Hive, Set, Hearts, Gin, Loot, Jaipur, Battleline, Boggle, Scrabble, Banagrams, Scattergories, Telestrations, Carcassonne, Splendor, Dominion, Settlers of Catan.

Fall Session
September 17 - Thursday, December 17 3pm - 5:00pm
14 Weeks $460 (10% sibling discount) 5:30pm late pick up +$60



Design and Build your own Halloween Costume with Erin Orr.

We will be designing and sculpting our own masks and body extension using 3D cardboard construction, paper mache, painting and collage along with simple fabric craft.

Erin Orr is an arts educator, puppeteer, and cook.  She studied storytelling, theater and early childhood education at Sarah Lawrence College and has taught puppetry and storytelling as a guest artist in public schools for 17 years.  As a puppeteer she specializes in theater productions that use puppetry to visualize live music.  She has performed at Lincoln Center, City Center, Dance Theater Workshop, HERE, The Kennedy Center, Spoletto USA,  La Mama and St Ann's Warehouse.  She writes a gluten-free food blog called Big Sis Little Dish.

Saturdays from 11-1
Sept 12, 19, 26 Oct 3, 10, 17

Ages 7 and up.  $235