Fundraising at BAA

As part of an effort to continue to provide for the longterm health and expand on the offerings at BAA we have created this new section of the website. Our first project is to get a 3D printer for BAA! 

fundraising campaign: MAkerbot 3D printer


34% complete

42% funded    $150 pledged    556 backers     to go (Campaign ends at 04/13/2017 11:59 PM)


PRoject Overview:

BAA needs a 3D printer! We did our first 3D prints at BAA the other week on a Saturday. I brought my printer and we were able to get the necessary software running on a BAA laptop and we made our first print! It was a car designed by Pablo. Next I want to have a printer which can live permanently at BAA. 

I recently came across a really great deal for a lightly used Makerbot 5th gen. I have the same printer and know the ins-and-outs of how it works, and am currently getting some really great results. I was able to pick up the printer for a great price, $600. I also want to upgrade the printer head, which costs $199, and get some filament which costs around $20 per roll. I am trying to raise $850 to get BAA set up with a 3D printer. 


Just like any crowdfunding campaign, we are giving back rewards:  

$20 - BAA souvenir 3D printed using the 3D printer. The kids will be designing it, so it will be surprise. 

$50 - Choose your own 3D printed object, and we will print it at BAA, and the BAA souvenir.

$100 - One-hour one-on-one 3D printing session. Choose your own 3D printed object, and the BAA souvenir. 

$200 and up - A huge thank you! and double the $100 dollar rewards. 

We are also accepting donations of any amount. 

Additional Info:

This crowdfunding campaign is being done the old-fashioned way – manually, in order to not be charged additional fees. We are charged a small fee for donations though the website. It is also possible to make donations directly to BAA either using cash or check, in order to avoid all fees. In order to make a pledge off the website, email The website will be updated daily in order to reflect the current state of the campaign.