Brooklyn Apple Academy is dedicated to the entire NYC homeschooling community. The day program at BAA is just one of the many resources which BAA has to offer. This new section of the website and email list serve will be dedicated more broadly to the entire NYC homeschooling community and will including classes, workshops, volunteer opportunities, and community events which are being offered at BAA and beyond. 



One of the ways that BAA supports the NYC community is by offering classes. Currently classes are scheduled around the days that the day program is at BAA, (Mon.-Tue. and Thu.-Fri., 9:00am - 3:00pm). BAA also welcomes class suggestions from both teachers, parents, and children. BAA classes are all based on self directed learning and all activities are voluntary.  


Events at BAA

Throughout the year, BAA offers events directed at the entire homeschooling community, including Homeschooling workshops, holiday parties, student run activities, community get togethers, and family adventures. 


Homeschooling Support

BAA is dedicated to supporting the homeschooling community in NYC. With workshops and meetups on getting started, to the challenges of filing paperwork, to finding a community of other homeschooling families, BAA has something to offer. 

Currently Jenni Mahnaz is our resident homeschooling consultant. She is available to answer questions generally about homeschooling in NYC and offers consulting services to those who need step by step help developing a homeschooling plan. 

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