Our goal is to nurture the spirit of inquiry and play that children naturally bring to everything they do.  We provide the space, the tools, and the opportunity for children to use their hands to develop their minds.

Our students learn to read, write, and create in the context of our projects, play, and travels. We learn at our own pace and at the insistence of our curiosity. We encourage the development of self-motivation and self-discipline, and watch our students grow with every game they invent and nail they hammer. 

We learn to write while making posters, composing songs, and drafting the invitations to our performances. We learn to count, add, and subtract while selling lemonade and cookies at a stand at the farmers market.  We learn to divide so we can see if there are enough snacks for everyone to have seconds (or thirds!) We learn to read in order to decipher important subway signs on our field trips.

What does this look like in practice?  Check out our Instagram to see what we've been up to lately.

Brooklyn Apple has brought joy back into our son’s understanding of education.
— Jaime K., Brooklyn Apple Parent